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              WORLD CUP RETURNS TO       slightly  bitter  taste. Veronika’s   five years ago. However, there   the movement in the resort,” he
              SLOVAKIA                   retirement  from  skiing  could   is  a  difference  whether  you   introduces a position that will
              Flowers will welcome the   be  expected,  but  less  so  the   have  five  thousand  people   probably  be  necessary  for  all
              elite of women’s skiing in   events  caused  by  the  spread   in  the  stands,  a  thousand  or   major  sports  events,  not  only
              Jasná                      of the coronavirus. As expect-  none at all,” said Matej Hulej,   in the near future.
                                         ed,  it  also  had  an  impact  on   chairman  of  the  Organis-  Meetings  and  touches  will
              Perfectly groomed slopes,   the  women’s  edition  of  the   ing  Committee.  However,  the   be  replaced  by  distance  and
              thousands of fans in the   World  Cup.  The  organisers  in   World Cup without spectators   an  effort  to  avoid  everyone.
              stands, great atmosphere   Slovakia are in an unenviable   would be a wound that heals   Strict measures will also affect
              and fantastic performanc-  situation. After  months  of  un-  slowly.  You  can  race  without   accommodation  for  racers:
              es of the best skiers in the   certainty  about  whether  the   them, but skiers know very well   their hotel will be hermetically
              world. The World Cup race in   race will take place on 6 and   where  the  best  atmosphere   sealed  for  the  unauthorised
              Jasná  five  years  ago  was  a   7 March 2021, the Internation-  and audience is.  people.
              memorable  event  for  lovers   al  Ski  Federation  (FIS)  gave
              of the  white sport.  The best   Jasná a definite green light in   Safety First   Flowers and Beauty
              Slovak ski resort could soon   October.               Regardless  of  the  number   In Jasná, they have been pre-
              see another memorable race.                           of  spectators,  the  priority  of   paring  for  the  World  Cup  for
              In early March, it  will once   With or Without Spectators  the  organisers  will  be  safety.   several  months  and  the  die-
              again be a place  where fe-  To prepare for such an event is   Compliance with all the regu-  hard  visitors  of  the  resort  will
              male beauty is wedded with   to consider all the alternatives.   lations of the Government and   notice changes right from the
              great sports performances.  There are many at the moment.   FIS is difficult and it will have   start of the skiing season. “We
                                         This article was written in late   to be addressed by hundreds   have  shown  many  times  that
              There was a huge wave of eu-  October, just a few days after   of people, including a special   we can organise a great event,
              phoria in Jasná thanks to two   the partial lockdown in Slova-  Covid  manager.  “This  person   and  it’s  no  different  this  time.
              Slovak  skiers,  Veronika  Ve-  kia, when all officials, not only   will  constantly  monitor  all  re-  Once  again,  we  have  several
              lez-Zuzulová and Petra Vlhová   in sports, had more questions   strictions  and  ensure  compli-  surprises in store. They are not
              in March 2016, and we have a   than  answers. The  number  of   ance in the individual commis-  only for the racers but also for
              chance to experience it again.   spectators  has  long  been  a   sions so that we do not neglect   regular clients,” Matej Hulej re-
              This time, however, we have to   great  unknown.  “We  cannot   any  of  them,  whether  it’s  ac-  vealed.  They  include  themed
              cook  from  ingredients  with  a   count on a scenario similar to   commodation, meals but also   decorations  in  restaurants,

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