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           which will take on the colours   Remote Entertainment  and folk costumes should ac-  that the spectators will be able
           of the countries of the world’s   As the number of people that   company the event.  to fill the stands and, together
           best  skiers.  Attractive  souve-  the  ski  stars  will  be  able  to            with millions of TV fans around
           nirs  with  the  event  logo  will   meet  in  Jasná  is  consider-  With Fans on Skis  the world, they will help the ex-
           be available in the shops. The   ably  limited,  the  organisers   The operators believe that the   ceptional  skier  born  in  Liptov
           traditional  hats,  headbands   had to cut down on surprises.   slopes  will  be  open  to  skiers   to win on the domestic stage.
           and  T-shirts  will  be  comple-  The presentation of the resort   with  more  or  less  restrictions.   After  all,  every  athlete  knows
           mented  by  face  masks.  “We   with  our  gold  medallist  Petra   Even  if  they  don’t  make  it  to   that  home  victories  are  the
           have prepared this offer in co-  Vlhová  was  worth  it.  “We  fo-  the  stands,  they  should  not   sweetest.
           operation  with  local  makers.   cused  on  our  traditions  and   miss the art of the world’s best
           We want to help them survive   beauty, which, thanks to Peťa   racers between the gates. “We
           difficult  times.  However,  the   Vlhová, flew around the world.   want  to  prepare  information
           main  theme  of  the  event  will   She had no idea that the origi-  screens  for  them  in  different
           be flowers and women’s beau-  nal flower headdress from our   places  so  they  know  what  is
           ty, so our resort will be deco-  region,  which  she  wore  dur-  going  on  and  do  not  gather
           rated  in  this  spirit  for  several   ing  the  photo  shoot,  is  worth   in  one  place.  Most  screens
           months,” he adds. The “beauty   around one hundred thousand   will  appear  at  the  valley  and
           programme”  where  make-up   euro. If conditions are right, we   exit stations of the cable cars,
           artists took care of skiers and   would  like  to  repeat  this  feat   where  skiers  will  be  able  to
           their beauty was immortalised   with  other  world’s  top  skiers,”   stand for a while and see the
           in  professional  photographs,   the  head  of  the  organisers   ride  of  their  favourite  racer,”
           was  one  of  the  remarkable   said  with  cautious  optimism.   adds  Matej  Hulej,  the  chair-
           experiences  on  the  circuit.  So   Slovak  folklore,  headdresses   man  of  the  Organising  Com-
           there is something to build on.                        mittee. We just have to believe


              Jasná  is  the  best  ski  resort  in  Slovakia,  with  excellent
              conditions for winter sports and a wide range of opportu-
              nities for fun and active recreation.

              •   The resort offers more than 50 km of perfectly
                 groomed slopes of varying difficulty.
              •   On both sides of Chopok, there are 23 cable cars and                                                                     0% PFCS
                 lifts, which transport almost 28 500 skiers per hour.
              •   The connection of the northern and southern sides of
                 Chopok, the second highest peak of the Low Tatras,                                                                        100%
                 allowed skiers to enjoy many more pistes than before.
              •   There are 41 slopes and fans of freeriding will enjoy
                 themselves in 12 freeriding zones.
              •   The ski season in Jasná usually lasts 5 months, mainly                                                                   NATURE.
                 thanks to a state-of-the-art fully-automated snow-
                 making system with 617 points.
              Eighteen Pisten Bully snow groomers take care of the runs                                                                    FALL WINTER 2020/2021 COLLECTION
              and  the  popular  “corduroy”  every  day.  The  advantage  of
              Jasná  is  also  the  convenient  transport  by  ski  buses  from                                                  
              several corners of Liptov, which is free for gopass card hold-
              ers.  Clients  can  safely  buy  ski  passes  online  in  advance,                                                                                                                                                                TERNUA
              avoiding last-minute purchases in the ticket office. A wide                                                                                                                                                                SKIALPSHOP Vrútky
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          SPORTRYSY Poprad
              range  of  accommodation,  restaurant  and  other  services                                                                                                                                                                GEO šport Nemecká
              ranks Jasná among the top resorts in Central Europe.                                                                                                                                                             CYKLO šport Šatka Dubnica nad Váhom
                                                                          Foto: Marek Hajkovský

           TATRY MAGAZÍN

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